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Balancing Bristol’s Budget 2019-20 Consultation

Today sees the launch of the “Balancing Bristol’s Budget 2019-20” consultation to gather the views of people living in Bristol on options for the level of Council Tax from April 2019. The consultation will run for six week and closes at midnight on Monday 17 December.

For 2019-20, options being consulted on range from no rise in council tax through to a 4% increase. The implications of each option are explored in the consultation survey.

Over the past two years we have put a lot of work into getting a tighter grip on the council’s finances so we can make progress with vital improvements needed in the city; more homes, more opportunities for our young people, more school places and a cleaner, healthier Bristol.

During that time we have had to make some tough decisions about where we spend our budgets. We have taken these decisions early in this administration to get us on track to meet our goals such as building more homes. Getting here has not been easy and many challenges posed by government austerity, rising costs and increasing demand still lie ahead.

The consultation survey is also available online here.

Alternative survey formats can be requested by contacting the consultation team on or by calling 0117 922 2848.