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Consultation: Bristol City Council Draft Young Carers Commissioning Strategy

Bristol City Council (BCC) have produced a draft commissioning plan about how they propose to make sure it is able to provide services to support young carers.  The draft commissioning plan sets out what services we propose to fund for young carers. 

Please visit for links to:


  • Draft Young Carers Commissioning Strategy
  • Draft Young Carers Commissioning Strategy Summary
  • Young Carers Commissioning Strategy survey


BCC would like to hear people’s views on our proposals to make sure that they use their resources most effectively. In particular, they are keen to hear the views of young carers and their families as well as those who may be/have been involved in supporting young carers. In addition, one of the proposals is to increase support to schools in order to support young carers in education, and they would also be particularly keen to get your views too . 


The consultation is open from Monday 9 May 2016 to Thursday 28 Jul 2016.