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Could your DNA be exploited?

Could your DNA be exploited?

Could your DNA assist in an individual’s care and treatment or would it just lead to misuse? 

WECIL’s Peer Support Community invite you to attend and participate in ground breaking debate about sharing your DNA. 

Registration for the event is at this link:

The billions of bits in our biological code shape who we are and tapping into this information can reveal a lot about your potential health and future well-being.  Understanding the way specific genetic variants influence disease risk can lead to reduced health care costs and a new approach to a healthy lifestyle.

In a world where this data is posted online, it could be used to genetically discriminate against people, such as denying mortgages or increasing insurance costs. If genetic data becomes commonplace enough, people might be able to pay a fee and get access to someone’s genetic data, too, the way we can now to access someone’s criminal background.

This event is free to attend and is suitable for anyone over 16.  It is an open, inclusive and accessible debate with ALL levels of experience welcome.  

The panel we have David Nicholson, cofounder of Living DNA; WECIL’s very own CEO Dominic Ellison & Phil Chamberlain, UWE’s Head of School of Journalism and Film.

Come along and join in or sit back and enjoy the conversation – prior knowledge of the issues isn’t necessary – but an interest in exploring the issues would be good!