Frome Vale Community Grants

Frome Vale ward has been awarded £20,000 grant money by Bristol City Council to fund locally led projects that help strengthen the local community as we come out of the pandemic.

Our three Building Back Community priorities are:

The Cost of Living Crisis

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Youth Provision

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Emergency Food Provision

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Other priorities may be considered if there is shown to be a need in the community.

This money will be administered by the Frome Vale Grant Committee, a group of community stakeholders that came together as part of an Outbreak Task Group during the pandemic to coordinate community responses with Bristol City Council. The group is made up of community representatives and workers including Councillors, local BCC community workers and representatives from third sector organisations, schools, faith institutions and local community groups.

Grant Conditions:

  • Projects must contribute to tackling one or more of the priorities listed above
  • Projects must primarily benefit residents of Frome Vale ward
  • Priority will be given to applications from un-constituted resident led groups
  • There are no fixed amounts that can be applied for, however, you will be expected to consider that many people will be applying for the funds and the committee would like the money to have as wide an impact as possible
  • Grants will have to be spent by 31 March 2023. Any unspent monies will be expected to be returned
  • There will be some basic monitoring information required from successful applicants including evidence of how the money is spent (i.e. receipts – more information provided once grants are approved)

Who Can Apply:

  • Individual residents (with a community focussed project), un-constituted resident-led groups, constituted resident-led groups (no businesses or third sector organisations)
  • You must have a bank account where the grant money can be sent to and reserved only to be spent on the project applied for

Applications will be assessed, and grants awarded on a rolling basis. Final date for receiving applications is 30 September 2022 subject to funds still being available.

To apply – Please answer the following questions (in no more than 600 words in total):

  • Tell us your organisation name and a bit about you
  • Tell us what you plan to do
  • tell us how you will connect with people and what activities you will use as part of this
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you would prefer to post your application please answer the above questions in no more than 600 words and post to: Frome Vale Grant Committee, The Care Forum, The Vassall Centre, Gill Avenue, Fishponds, BS16 2QQ

Things to consider in support of your application above:

  • How many people will your project benefit both directly and indirectly?
  • How can you help ensure that your project is inclusive of diverse and under-represented groups (i.e. older people/young people, LGBT+, different faith groups, different ethnicities/races, those with a disability, those that have undergone gender reassignment)?
  • The impact of your project on the environment
  • Is there any external support you or your groups needs to realise its aims?
  • Will your project have any lasting impact once its finished?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your ideas, please contact:

Dan Lewin, Community Development Practitioner
Phone: 07901 212237

The task group would like to offer potential applicants the chance to attend a grant surgery. These will be a chance to talk to members of the group about your ideas, ask questions and discuss any support the group may be able to provide or signpost you to. Contact Dan if you are interested in attending.