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Healthy Cooking Equipment Packs

New research has found that 76% of adults in the South West have made the decision to make changes to their lifestyle in 2021, with 7 in 10 (67%) saying that they are motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes due to coronavirus. Eating more healthy (35%) and losing weight (38%) were at the top of the list of changes.

To support adults in North Somerset make these changes, the council are launching a new Healthy Cooking Equipment Pack scheme alongside other local support such as their Health Trainer Service and North Somerset Slimming Scheme (provided by WW).  This is also in addition to national support through the Better Health Campaign and digital apps.

Currently 62.1% adults in North Somerset are overweight or obese, they hope that the Healthy Cooking Equipment Packs will enable residents to make healthier food choices.

To qualify for a pack North Somerset residents must be referred by a professional supporting them e.g. health or social care worker, and they must also meet at least three of the below criteria

·       Do not currently cook at home from scratch / prepare homemade meals

·       Do not have kitchen equipment at home or very limited equipment to cook at home

·       Do not meet the 5 a day recommendation of fruit and vegetables

·       Are above a healthy weight – see BMI guidance for adults

·       Have previously used the local food bank

For further information about the scheme and to apply by Monday 15th March visit: