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The timetable and deadlines for the 2020/21 Area Committee decision-making process for CIL and Section 106 funding in Bristol  area is now published. You

A quick guide for young people and their families. More than 1 in 100 people have autism. Being autistic affects people in different ways.

CQC finds Mental Health Act Code of Practice not being used as intended — NHS Networks The Mental Health Act (MHA) Code of Practice

Age UK has published guidance on how to provide support to men aged 65 and older experiencing loneliness and isolation. The guidance is based

Public Involvement update from the Public Involvement Programme (PIP) at NICE. For more information about how NICE involve patients and the public in NICE’s

Measuring the use of NICE guidance in mental health — NHS Networks One in four adults experiences a mental health condition in any given

Friends Families and Travellers released the findings of a mystery shopping exercise in which they contacted 50 GP practices posing as a patient wishing

The guidance builds on our quality framework, adding further detail on issues like relationships, diversity and protecting people from harm. It covers a diverse range

A CQC report calls for new national guidance to improve the sexual safety of people on mental health wards, following analysis of how mental

This guidance has been developed to ensure that there is a consistent approach for CCGs, area teams and CQC to work together before, during and

Health chiefs have drawn up new guidance to encourage doctors to place mental health therapists in practice surgeries – bringing more mental and physical health services

Nice August newsletter – Lots of opportunities to get involved, guidelines, consultations and news