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Self Harm

A free event run as a collaboration between Self Injury Support and Self Injury Self Help for anyone interested in raising awareness and breaking

Self Injury Support (‘SIS’) are an organisation based in Bristol that focus on improving support and knowledge around self-injury. They have just launched the SiS Library

I hear the term self-neglect a lot at the moment, but surely, someone can decide how to live his or her own life? Self-neglect

Second Step operate the Hope Project. The Hope Project is a service that provides short-term emotional and practical support for those who identity as men and

DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) is an industrial chemical used in pesticides and explosives which is unfit for human consumption. It is being sold illegally via the internet

The Hope Project aim to provide short-term emotional and practical support for men, specifically those aged between 30 and 64, who are in psychological distress

We believe that people in the south west should receive the best possible services, especially when they most need support. The Care Forum is

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 we focused on stress. This report looks at the prevalence of stress in the UK and its implications. It also

Please note that the previous phone number for SISH 0117 2308230 is no longer our number and has been reassigned to car business –

Please click below to view the attached advert that tells people about some research ‘self injury self help’ Bristol are doing into improving the way