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Working Together 12-week employment course for disabled people

We still have some places available for our next Working Together 12-week employment course for disabled people. Please note if this location/these dates aren’t suitable but you have people who would potentially benefit you can still send us their details. We are finalising details for a course starting in September which we expect to hold at The Station.

When: every Tuesday from the 9th of July to the 1st of October (12 sessions, with a break on the 23rd of July)

Where: Kingsmeadow @Made Forever

Who: people who identify as disabled or have a long-term health condition. This includes mental health conditions, dyslexia, dyspraxia, cancer, the list is very long!

What: an employment course to give people the opportunity to build confidence, develop peer support, create/update their CV, work on cover letters, practise interview skills and more! The course does not only support people to find a job, it can also support them to gain volunteering experience, find an apprenticeship or work experience for example.

Feedback from the course has been very positive so far, with people feeling more confident in their job searching skills, attending interviews and making their CV better.

How to refer:

Referring people or getting them to self-refer is easy – you can:

People can also: