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Diversity in our patient and public group: PARTICIPATE

BANES Swindon and Wiltshire Research Hub (BSW Research Hub) are looking for diversity in our patient and public group PARTICIPATE 

BSW Research Hub support all aspects of applied health research within the University of Bath and local primary and community care. We have created a Participate Network, for members of the public with an interest in health research and a willingness to share their experiences and views. Members of the network are involved in a number of ways such as: 

  • being part of a research panel, which involves giving views on research ideas and plans 
  • being a research partner, which involves helping researchers with planning and designing research and disseminating results.   

We support portfolio studies that are recruiting in the local area, however these are not restricted to primary care studies as we also support secondary care, mental health, social care and local authority studies. An example of research we support is research into ways to help manage asthma better or various other projects on diet and wellbeing.  We would really like to hear your views on our projects & shape them according to your experiences and the experience of others in your group.

We wish to expand our reach within the community to increase the diversity of members and encourage new people to join our PARTICIPATE network. We would like to engage with local groups and interested societies in BANES, Swindon and Wiltshire. 

Please get in touch if you yourself would like to be involved or know of any groups or individuals that would be interested. 

Samantha Barrett –

BSW Research Hub, University of Bath