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The Independent Mental Health Network (IMHN), with the support of its branches and partner organisations, are proud to announce the launch of Shine On,

The government has announced plans to roll out dedicated bereavement care, on the NHS across England, for people who have lost someone close to

“Staying Safe” is an online resource intending to offer hope, compassion and practical ideas on moving forward to anyone who might be considering ending

All courses are free to professionals and volunteers working in the North Somerset area to help with initial or further Continuous Professional Development. Our

These courses aim to increase knowledge, skills and awareness of mental health issues, which can be applied at work or life in general –

New hope for suicide prevention To mark World Mental Health Day 2018 Second Step launched a new project called Hope to prevent suicides among men.

The Hope Project aim to provide short-term emotional and practical support for men, specifically those aged between 30 and 64, who are in psychological distress

The government has published the first cross-government suicide prevention plan. The plan has a focus on how social media and the latest technology – such

Suicide is a devastating event.  It is an individual tragedy, a life-altering crisis for those bereaved and a traumatic event for people within communities

Without realising, the way we talk about things can impact on others – both positively and negatively.

Suicide is a sensitive topic, so it’s important to be aware of how the language we use can affect others.

The way we talk about suicide is important. Without realising, the way we talk about things can impact on others – both positively and

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 we focused on stress. This report looks at the prevalence of stress in the UK and its implications. It also